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Yoko Hallelujah ( ヨーコ ハレルヤ ) ハレルヤ洋子 | London underground official Busker, Singer songwriter Busking London, UK ロンドン バスキング ロンドン アンダーグラウンドオフィシャルバスカー
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Yoko Hallelujah is a session vocalist, writer and underground busker based in London UK.

A debut was at Liverpool,UK 2005.

First show was in Cavern Club and first busking was on Matthew street in Liverpool.

Have been active in London,UK since 2006, also started collaboration for some recordings in Italy since 2011.

Basically sings Pop, Alternative style. For some recordings and collaborations, Yoko works on some Metal projects as well.

Yoko influence by Classic Rock, Jazz and Blues.

Started play music in Tokyo, then trip to Liverpool, UK with guitar one day. After the trip, Yoko decided to move to London.

Firstly tried Jam Sessions around in London. At the same time, started busking with London official music license.

One day, tried J-pop busking in London Underground. Some Londoner enjoying other country music then, took some offered that “Japanese sings”. Finally, Yoko started Japanese recordings in UK not Japan. It was strange however happy and funny things.

Some of achievement records are J-pop tunes that production of British team, and some of Albums by Italy projects.

A lot of hard music style on her record stuff however writing easy, simple and funny pop tune by acoustic sound.

Recently Yoko works professional writing for article as well. And enjoying studio works on some records and collaborations.

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Yoko Hallelujah ( ヨーコ ハレルヤ ) ハレルヤ洋子 | London underground official Busker, Singer songwriter Plays Cavern Club Liverpool, UK - Mathew Street Liverpool, UK Busking リヴァプール キャヴァーンクラブ マシューストリート バスキング ロンドン・アンダーグラウンドオフィシャルバスカー
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Yoko Hallelujah   

-Samurai crooner/Session Singer/Writer/London Underground Busker-

Nationality: Japanese.

Language  : Japanese, English, West Japanese like.

Shortly called : Yoko, Oyabin, Ane-san(means “Sister”), Anego, Hareco, Hareo, Ottusan or some..

Some time people called… :“Nagashi no Hallelujah”

Field of worksSinger, recording sessions, busking, writing or some. For music, any Genre will do. 

Influence from :  60’s-70’s Music. -Rock, Funk, Rhythm&Blues, Jazz and The Beatles(I am the maniac maybe!). Example, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, The Stone Roses,Paul Weller, and more more more.. also love Charles Chaplin.

Others/Maniac : I am a maniac on The Beatles and Tora-san movie.

Speciality Of  : LUL Music Licence, Driving licence included unlimited/big motorbike.

Interested : Jazz music, Writing, Arrangement for backing voices, Trip, Moving places, Drink and cooking some.

For health or exerciseToo much practice for sing, too much busking, too much walking and too much trip?

Loves&My favorite : Coffee, West End, Studio, Funny thing, Brain subject, Union Jack, Gold stuff-love the color, Leopard shank, Bling bling stuff, Ducati-especially “Monster”, Fab Four(The Beatles), Love eating and drinking, Bread, Steak, Chocolate, Cheese, Celery, Avocado, Coriander…. anyway really enjoying and happy with any meal. My best three foods are.. Szechwan cooking, Thai food, Vietnamese. Also love British foods, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.


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Yoko Hallelujah   /ヨーコハレルヤ ( ハレルヤ洋子 )





英国リヴァプールの「Cavern Club (キャヴァーンクラブ)」でステージデビュー。デビューツアー後、東京から英国へ何度かの遠征活動を行いながら東京でも精力的にライブ活動を始めるが、数ヶ月で英国へ移住。





英国初舞台であるCavern Clubでの複数回の演奏をはじめ、Jacaranda ClubやWhite Star等、初期ビートルズの多数関連プレイスで演奏歴があるほか、リヴァプールの目抜き通り「マシューストリート」が英国で初めてのバスキングの場であるため、原点回帰の際にはリヴァプールを訪れてバスキングを決行。

食事をしているときは機嫌が良く、機嫌が悪い時は「なんか食わせておけ」と周囲に言われるほどの食いしん坊であり、The Beatlesと男はつらいよの話しを始めると長い。






Yoko Hallelujah ( ヨーコ ハレルヤ ) ハレルヤ洋子 | London underground official Busker, Singer songwriter Busking London, UK ロンドン バスキング ロンドン アンダーグラウンドオフィシャルバスカー
©︎Yoko Hallelujah