Jun.2020「Kara-Age Box」EP (HYMNS RECORDS)

Mar.2020「Arigato(GB Remix)」(HYMNS RECORDS)

Sep.2019「AIUEO」EP -Instrumental mini Album (HYMNS RECORDS)

May.2019「AIUEO ~あいうえおのうた〜」(HYMNS RECORDS)

Feb.2016 Yoko Hallelujah’s Memorabilia CD.(3Tracks+2English ver.)-No title no label- *Sale on just Yoko’s gig

Jan.2016 *Featuring for the Album of NeroArgento「One Against All」(GO WITH ME RECORDS)

Jul.2013「My Way」(HYMNS RECORDS)

Jul.2013「Michi」(HYMNS RECORDS)

Feb.2013「Kara-Age」~English Story~ (HYMNS RECORDS)

Feb.2013「Kara-Age」(HYMNS RECORDS)

Feb.2013「Princess Ghibli The Best Selection Revisited」(Coroner Records)

Jan.2012「Princess Ghibli The Best Selection Revisited」(KADOKAWA Media Factory)

Mar.2012「Princess Ghibli 2」(Coroner Records/OVERLAP RECORD/KADOKAWA Media Factory)

Mar.2012 *Featuring for the Album of Damnation Angels「Bringer Of Light」(KADOKAWA Media Factory)

Dec.2011*Featuring for the Album of Living Corpse「And Everything Slips Away」(KADOKAWA Media Factory)

Sep.2011*Featuring for the Album of Neroargent「Three Hours Of Sun」(KADOKAWA Media Factory)

Jun.2011*Featuring for the Album of Disarmonia Mundi「Nihilstic Overdrive」(Coroner Records)

Apr.2011「Princess Ghibli」 (Coroner Records/KADOKAWA Media Factory/Overlap Records)

Jul.2010「Famous In Japan」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jul.2010「Forever Love」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jul.2010「J-pop Party」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jul.2010「Make Me Happy」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jul.2010「Koi No Radio」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jul.2010「Crazy Night」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jul.2010「Kowashitatte Iijyanaino」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jul.2010「Kimi No Dance wa?」(AUDIO NETWORK)

Jun.2009「Sound Of The Underground」(Indies in the UK)

May.2008「Busker Rhymes」(Bueker Rhymes)

May.2007「No Matter Where UR DJ4Styler Remix」(Indies in Moscow)

Mar.2007「NoMatter Where UR」(Rififi Records)

Mar.2007「20Gig Girl」(Rififi Records)

Mar.2007「Sugar&Spice」(Rififi Records)

Video Releases  -Official Only

Mar.2022 Back in Italy Rec’s

Sep. 2019 「AIUEO」

Jul.  2014 「Michi」 


Jan.  2016「New Years Wold Rock Festival 43」 (CX)  **9th of Jan ON AIR!

Nov. 2013「欧州鉄道の旅」 (BS Fuji)

Jan.  2013「New Years World Rock Festival」(CX )

Mar. 2011「めざましTV」(CX)

Jan.  2011「London Diaries」Episode1(UK / Italy)

Oct. 2010「FNNスピーク」(CX)

Dec. 2008「Sky TV Christmas Interview」(Sky TV)



Apr.2011 「The Lives Of Buskers」London Transport Museum(UK)

Nov.2008 「Light At End Of The Tunnel」(UK/France)*「TIME OUT」Best of London Film *Cine r ail Festival2009 in Paris

Jun.2008  「London Underground Collective」(UK)



Nov.2018 「LA STAMPA」(Italy)

Oct.2018 「東都よみうり新聞」(JP)Issue 12th of Oct.

Jun.2016  「日刊スポーツ」(JP) Issue 25th of Jun. -EU離脱に関するコメント掲載-

Mar.2016 「日刊スポーツ」ニッカン宅配プラス1”あの人に聞きたい”掲載 (JP) Issue 12th Mar.

Feb.2016  「四国新聞」一面コラム”一日一言” (JP) Issue 26th Feb.

Feb.2016  「日刊スポーツ」「スポーツ報知」にソロライブのニュース掲載(JP/順不同) Issue 20th Feb.

Jan.2016   「夕刊フジ」掲載 (JP) Issue 20th Jan.

Jan.2013 「Metro」(UK) Issue 22nd Jan.

Dec.2012  「TNT Magazine」(UK/Australia) Issue 1529.

Mar.2012  「激ロック」 (JP)Issue Mar.

Apr.2011  「Recognise」(UK) Issue May.

Sep.2010  「Red Bull Sounderground -Busking In Disguise」(UK) Issue 22nd Sep.

Sep.2010  「SANKEI EXPRESS」”Viva!ヨーロッパ”(JP) Issue 13th Sep.

Aug.2010 「Red Bull Sounderground -God Save The Buskers」(UK) Issue 17th Aug.

May.2010 「Metro」(UK) Issue 4th May.

Jul.2009   「読売新聞・国際版」”人・世界が舞台”より(EU) Issue 16th Jul.

Dec.2008 「産経新聞」(JP) Issue 25th Dec.

Fen.2005  「Liverpool ECHO」(UK) Issue 16th Feb.

Oct.2005  「GET BACK Harajuku」(JP) Issue Oct.



2011~2012「Cadbury’s Olympic Advertisement」



Apr.2015 *Guest joined for the Book of Mark Reign-Hagen「I AM ZOMBIE」(Make Believe Games/USA)



Dec.2011  JFN「Flowers」(JP) 12th Dec. Guest DJ

Dec.2010  JFN「Flowers」(JP) 13th Dec. Guest DJ

Jul.2006   Gakudai-FM (JP) 14th Jal. Guest DJ

Oct.2005-Jan.2006 Gakudai-FM Sub personality/DJ (JP)

Some Other Media

Mobile melody company presents J-songs/Presentation demo singer. 英国着メロ会社デモシンガー

「Laugh and Love」Music clip guest.


1st Oct~ 5th Oct.2016 「第3回仲間展〜豊島で輝く女性たち〜」(Tokyo,JP)


Sep.2019  「LINGOTTO FIERE TORINO」 (Torino, Italy)

Oct.2018  「Liceo Scientifico Internazionale」Talk and Gig show.(Torino,Italy)

Oct.2018  「Piccolo Regio Puccini」Event, show (Torino, Italy)

Oct.2018  「レッツ流し!」Event (Tokyo,15th of Oct)

Oct.2018  「音の世界旅行」Event, Guest sings.(Tokyo,14th of Oct)

Mar.2017 「新橋ZZ」Gig (Tokyo,15th of Mar)

Jul.2016「東日本大震災・熊本地震復興支援アイドルライブWANGAN MUSIC CARNIVAL」国歌独唱参加 (Tokyo,JP 30th July)

Jul.2016「公益社団法人豊島法人会経営研究会・地域行政講演会交流会”唄と音楽演奏”@サンシャイン60」出演 (Tokyo,JP 25th of July)

Jun.2016   「ワーカーズコープ懇親会・ゲストライブ出演@池袋」(Tokyo, JP1st of June)

May.2016  「静岡ザ・ワイルドワンズ鳥塚しげきLive」Guest (Shizuoka,20th of May)

May.2016  「Majikana event」Guest sings.(Tokyo,19th of May)

Apr.2016 「Majikana event」Guest sings. (Tokyo, 21st of Apr.)

Apr.2016 「第5回国民的萌えクィーンコンテスト」(本戦)国歌独唱&ライブThe Nation Of “MOE” Queen Competition (Tokyo,JP at3rd)

Mar.2016 「第5回国民的萌えクィーンコンテスト前夜際」The Nation Of “MOE” Queen Competition Previous(Tokyo, JP at3rd)

Feb.2016 「Majikana Solo Live in Japan」(Tokyo, JP at 19th)

Dec.2015 to 2016「New Years World Rock Festival」(Tokyo, JP)

Dec.2012 to 2013「New Years World Rock Festival」(Tokyo, JP)

Feb.2011 「Cavern Club」(Liverpool,UK)

Nov.2010 「Jazz After Dark -Solo Jazz GIG」(London,UK)

Oct.2010 「Hyper Japan London 2010」 (London,UK)

Sep.2009 「Japan P&I Club英国子会社設立パーティー」Wellington号船上 (London,UK)

Dec.2008 「コクヨジャパンナイト」(London,UK)

Aug.2008 「Ceremony for University of London」(London,UK)

Aug.2007 「Jacaranda Club」In Beatles Festival 2007 (Liverpool,UK)

Aug.2007 「White Ster」ゲスト参加  In Beatles Festival 2007 (Liverpool,UK)

Jul.2007   「SOHO REVIEW BAR」(London,UK)

Jun.2007  「Cafe de Paris」(London,UK)

May.2007   「Rock-Poptick」(London,UK)

Sep.2006  「Jazz After Dark」 リッキー廣田さん公演ゲスト出演 (London,UK)

2006-200   「SOHO ”Bar R Bar”」Regular singer(London,UK)

2005-2006 「やりきれナイトツアー」Unpluged gig tour(JP)*茅ヶ崎市民会館、氷川丸船上、競艇場、ライブハウス他、首都圏近郊プレイス

Apr.2005    「Jacaranda Club」(Liverpool,UK)

Feb.2005    「Cavern Club」(Liverpool,UK)

Feb.2005    「Cavern Pub」(Liverpool,UK)



2006~Now,「Blues Bar」「Spice of Life」「Jazz Afrer Dark」「Music Hall」「Green Note」「Efra Hall」「AMJazz」「Lion Pub」「Dune Records Jam」「Camden Under Solo」  and some places in London. 他ロンドン東西南北のプレイス



Yoko Hallelujah Have music licence-from TFL/Mayor of London- since 2007.




Play 4-10hours a day at London Underground -Transport for London-.


Oxford Circus,Piccadilly Circus,Charing Cross,Green Park,Tottenham Court Road,Bond Street,Knightsbridge,London Bridge,Westminster,Leicester Square,St.Paul’s,Bank,South Kensington,Victoria,Waterloo,Notting Holl Gare,Chancery Lane,Embankment and more.


Mathew Street. マシューストリート(ビートルズ観光地の目抜き通り)


Tokyo, Yokohama, Okinawa some. 東京、横浜山下公演、沖縄宮古島他。



Dec.2005-Jan.2006  「ハレルヤヨーコ、黒船に乗る」(Gakudai-FM Mail magazine)

Oct.2005       「愛の夏・リヴァプール」(Get Back機関誌掲載)

Aug.2005      「愛の呪文~ビートルウィークにて~」(NLW/Scouse House)

Feb.2005-May.2005   「僕のリヴァ日記」(NLW/Scouse House)



Mar.2011 「Japan Tsunami Appeal」With Transport For London/British Redcross (協力:ロンドン交通、英国赤十字)

Yoko Hallelujah standing and paforming at London Bridge and Waterloo(2days) to donate action for Japan Tohoku people. Collected 6581.31pounds and sent all donation VIA British Redcross to Tohoku people.


Summer of 2005 「Leaving Nagomi arts with peace」「なごみ地蔵置き去り作戦」

Project called “Leaving Nagomi arts with peace”. Japanese artist called Manjiro made a lots small peace arts, and he brought to it all of the world for peace. Yoko brought them some of historic places of The Beatles in Liverpool. That photographs was on Exhibition in Tokyo Japan.