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AIUEO ~あいうえおのうた~

Featured by, Big thanks to Osamu Yano-san!



《Special thanks to : CD Art by, Hiroki Fujimoto@Miu》


Ghibli [Miyazaki] anime covered by Metal 

【Recording film】Back in Turin!

【copyright(c)】 ©︎Ettore Rigotti / Yoko Hallelujah All Rights Reserve


【Unplugged】The Boy From Ipanema -The Girl From Ipanema covered in Eng.&JP.

【COVERED】イパネマの娘 [unplugged/アンプラグド]


【Busking】“Hello, Goodbye” [ London Busker feat. horse heads ] @Underground

【COVERED】“Hello, Goodbye” ロンドンバスカー フィーチャリング 馬の頭 @Underground


【COVER】H2O “Omoide ga ippai” [Tune of the anime “MIYUKI”] covered by Acoustic 

【COVER】想い出がいっぱい カバー H2O「みゆき」主題歌

《Special thanks to Kisaburo Suzuki-san

【Original Credits】 Omoide ga ippai Tune of the anime “MIYUKI”| Original Artist : H2O |Lyrics Written : Yoko Aki |Music Written : Kisaburo Suzuki


“Kara-Age (Demo ver)” with London Busking Tip stories

【Kara-Age song with】バスキング・チップ物語 @Underground

Featuring Busking Tip

Special thanks to : Shota Fukagawa-san! and,

《Special thanks for top pics(included this website) Kazuhiro Watanabe-san!》




【Busking】Kyu Sakamoto “Ashita ga asusa” [ London Busker feat. Spanish guy ] @Underground

【COVERED】坂本九「明日があるさ」 @Underground


I Only Need To Run -Japanese ver.-


【COVER】Focus for Backing Vocals A Cruel Angel’s Thesis[Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze]

【COVER】ハモ(バッキングボーカル) version 「残酷な天使のテーゼ」(1995)  “新世紀エヴァンゲリオン”オープニング曲

【Original Credits】 A Cruel Angel’s Thesis [Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze] (1995) -Opening theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion(Shinseiki Evangerion)| Original Singer : Yoko Takahashi |Lyrics Written : Neko Oikawa |Music Written : Hidetoshi Satō |(Original track of Arrangement : Toshiyuki Ohmori)


【COVER】Gurenge [Opening theme for “Demon Slayer”]

【COVER】「紅蓮華」(2019)  “鬼滅の刃”オープニング曲 (1996)

【Original Credits】 Gurenge (2019) -Opening theme of “Demon Slayer”| Original Singer : LiSA |Lyrics Written : LiSA |Music Written : Kayoko Kusano 



Other Funny Stuff  -Picked from Media-



“Princess Ghibli” I & II 【Trailer】 -since 2011

Imaginary Flying Machines by Ettore Rigotti All Produced included sounds and Album as well.


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